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Novation KS4 ''Nemesis'' by S. Timm +++ 
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100 Bahnbrechende Sounds im Bereich Techno, Trance und Hardstyle für das Lead und Bassmonster
exklusiv für die KS-Serie von Stice

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Dance with me ST
I like it l... ST
Woody ST
Trance Pad ST
Traffic ST
Teebee303 ST
TranceAllstar ST
Autoscooter ST
Saege ST
Global ST
Special Lead ST
Neocrest Pad ST
MusicalSociety ST
MonsterSquare ST
X-TC Total ST
Pule ST
Angelic Bells ST
Stice Bell ST
Tunnel Bass ST
Party Total ST
Clubber ST
Choirpad ST
Dance Hook ST
Timemachine ST
Synthflut ST
SuperSaw ST
Heaven ST
HardHouse ST
Forever Today ST
Nemesis ST
Pluck ST
Depeche Mode ST
Dr. Stice ST
Stice VS Tiesto ST
Wind ST
Frontbass ST
Depbass ST
FM Bass ST
Knarz Bass ST
Egohead Bass ST
Holz ST
Schranz Total ST
Eden ST
Body Rock ST
Gloeckchen ST
Acid ST
Terror Dome ST
Stice Analog ST
Cool Your... ST
LoveParade ST
Kirmes ST
Stice at Worx ST
Sunshine ST
UK Pike ST
Dancer ST
Bender ST
Raver ST
Lethal... ST
Ending Dreams ST
Love Komite ST
Noisecore ST
Turrican Lead ST
X-tream X=Mod ST
X-tream X=Mod 2 ST
Dreamland ST
Bird of Prey ST
Never Ending ST
Goodspeak ST
Orbital ST
Viper MK-2 ST
Cylon ST
Dance-Base ST
Fubber-Bass ST
Horizon ST
Ley&TraXX ST
Spin ST
8bit Style ST
Gabba FX ST
In my psace ST
Timespace ST
Wash and go ST
Dance for me ST
Bass to Face ST
LFO Sunsynth ST
Partytime ST
Fan ST
Addagio for... ST
Airspace ST
Prophecy ST
Dist Bass ST
Sandstorm ST
Kuhglocke ST
Chaos ST
ZombieNation ST
Glas ST
Downlifter ST
Uplifter ST
It's Magic ST
UK Bass ST
Sequel ST

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